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Phoenix: Research Guide

What to sign up for and how, assignment related suggestions, and general information

What is research?

Research is information gained through perception and analysis.  The form of this information can be written, spoken, and/or visual.


Review this Glossary of research and writing terms from Clark College.

Research Tutorial from Vaughan Memorial Library

Permission of use granted by Vaughan Memorial Library

Research is a Process

Whether the end goal is an essay, a speech, or a presentation, the entire process to finalize that end goal takes a series of steps:

Step 1: Decide on subject and narrow to a topic

Step 2: Gather and evaluate information for the topic

Step 3: Create a working thesis and continue to find and evaluate information

Step 4: Gather information from sources and take necessary steps to avoid plagiarism

Step 5: Write an outline and/or draft of final product integrating and citing research

Step 6: Revise and edit work…keep finding and evaluating information, if necessary

Although these steps are provided in an organized way, as you learn more about your topic, you may restart the process based on new information or need to re-visit a particular step.  

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