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Phoenix: Fortis Staff

What to sign up for and how, assignment related suggestions, and general information

Fortis Teachers and Staff

Glen Tharp, Campus President,

Jeffrey Duchnowski, Registrar,

Viviana De La Torre, Receptionist,

Jasime Ayon, Receptionist,

Jason Pohlman, Manager,

Amy Nadell, Manager,

Amanda Greene, Director,

Tracey Dewitt, Admissions Rep,

Jeremy Clist, Admissions Rep,

Shelby Meyer, Admissions Rep,

Angela McFadden, Director,

Elaine Tharp, FA Advisor,

Leah Fauth, Director of Career Services,

Michelle Hughes, Instructor,

Kathy Borowski, Instructor,

Ivette Diaz, Instructor,

Lynda Jo Hall, Instructor,

Leona Urschel, Instructor,

Lori Riedel, PD – Director,

Caryn Kramer, Admin Assist/Clin Coord,

Dental Hygiene Clinic 602-314-8565

Judith Luna - Yanet Alcantara Receptionist

Dr. Thomas French, Instructor,

Angela McGill, Instructor,

Dr. Scott Mazanec, Instructor,

Janis McClelland, Instructor,

Maureen Bleeker, Instructor,

Katrina Sanders, Instructor,

Vince Torres, Instructor,

Kathleen Jamison,

Melody Wright, Instructor,

Adrienne McHenry, Instructor

LeAnne Miller, Instructor,

Emily Miller, Instructor,

Kim Pastula, Instructor,

Bonnie Rogers-Backus, GE Instructor,

Paul Desi, GE Instructor,

Jeneane R. Moore, GE Instructor,

Darlene Brown, Director,

Deb Northrop, Administrative Assistant,

Mary Banayat, Instructor,

Mary Lewis, Instructor,

Jennifer McDonald, BSN, RN, Instructor,

Marie Hendricks, Instructor,

Seania Bristol, BSN, RN, Instructor,

Lisa Fulkerson, BSN, RN, Instructor,

Doreen Farley, MSN, RN, Instructor,

Abena Gallegos, BSN, RN, Instructor,

Julie Killebrew, MSN, RN, Instructor,

Annye Nichols, MS, MSN, RN, Instructor,

Adelaide Okoree-Siaw, MSN, RN, Instructor,

Nadine Shivers, MSN, RN, Instructor,

Helen Yond, BSN, RN, Instructor,

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