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Phoenix: Finding Sources

What to sign up for and how, assignment related suggestions, and general information

Different types of resources

Throughout the course of your studies you will need to use a variety of different information sources.  The type of information source you use will differ based on the questions you are trying to answer and the assignment requirements set out by your course instructors.

Research Databases Increases Your Access to Information

A research database contains reliable, accurate and authoritative information gathered together in one place, and provides convenient and quick access to the information. A research database provides access to articles from popular and scholaraly journals/magazines, encyclopedias, newspapers, images, videos, maps, charts, governement documents, books, and more!

Fortis College pays subscription fees to use research databases so students can freely access them.

Users can connect to these services from a home, school, or work computer that has an Internet connection. Go to and enter the Fortis College access code (Contact the LRC staff if you need the access code)




Where to start?

You probably think that you are looking for a needle in the haystack...Do not panic...Help is available all around you...Your peers...Your instructor...Of course your librarian...and the internet.  The pages and links in this website have been choosen by your librarian to help you.  The best advice I can give to you, is READ!  There are amazing gems of knowledge to be found by someone just like you! 

Searching for Publications in your ProQuest Resources from LIRN

Starting Your Research with LIRN

Sources Tutorial from Vaughn Memorial Library

Permission of use granted by Vaughan Memorial Library

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