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Norfolk: Guidelines and Message From the Manager

LRC Guidelines

One the largest benefits to the LRC is the available study space. Students are mindful of the impact they have on the LRC's environment, because of this students understand the importance of a quiet workspace and study space. 

Here are some additional ways we can keep the LRC a fantastic space for learning. 

1.Please sign in when you come into the LRC and sign out when you leave. 

2. Profanity is prohibited.

3. No food or drinks are allowed in the LRC, yes, water is included.

4. Children are not allowed in the LRC or on campus. 

5. Phones must be placed on silent or vibrate. 

6. Use your inside voice - students are practicing for their exit exams and certifications and need as little background noise as possible. 

7. Make sure your badge is on you at all times,  

Accessing Your Campus Portal

  • It may take 24 hours or longer after you have activated your portal account to receive your email login information
  • If you do not receive your login information please check your spam folder

If you need additional information please contact your campus portal administrator.

-->Campus Phone Numbers

Message From the LRC Manager

I am thrilled to introduce myself as your Learning Resources Center Manager. My library experience comes from opportunities serving as an intern for the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke, the Environmental Protection Agency, and  North Carolina Central Universitys' School of Library and Information Sciences Library in 2011. I obtained this position in October of 2012 and I have proudly served as Manager. 

I have implemented new resources and built new collections. Here at Fortis College, our LRC serves as a hub for information, technology and resources, and academic excellence. I am proud to be a part of a library system that strives to create an environment that supports the needs of life long learners and academic integrity that continues through one’s lifetime. 

My vision for the LRC is to enhance technical instruction into Fortis programs. This effort is to diversify the ways we communicate and hold classes. And to provide an opportunity to learn new skills and change the way we interact with others. I hope that you find our Learning Resources Center space welcoming and hope our friendly staff exceeds your expectations. 

Lastly, know that I am herre for you. Feel free to contact me at (757) 499-5447 ext. 1325.

I look forward to serving you!

Have a Question? We are here to help!

You can also reach us by calling the LRC. For IM chat click on the AskUs button.

Please state your location/campus in the email.

Librarian - Norfolk

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