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Research Databases by Subject: Research Databases

Recommended Research Databases

Below are highly recommended multidisciplinary databases available to the school. More databases, sorted by subject, is available under the "Nursing Databases" and Medical Assisting Databases" tab.

An access code is required for these databases. If you do not know the LIRN access code, please email or

Why can't I use Wikipedia for my Paper?

Wikipedia itself cautions against using it as a source for a research paper.

Reliable Information Sources

In college, when writing a paper, you are required to use reliable information sources. See below to find out why it is not acceptable to use just anything you find on the Internet.

The easiest way to ensure that you are using reliable information is to use the school's Research Databases.

Not Trusting Everything you find Online

Can you really trust every information source on the Internet? The answer is obvious. No, you cannot! That not to say that everything you find using a Google search (or a search using a different search engine) is untrustworthy and unreliable.

There are, however, a number of reasons you should be weary of  using just anything you find on the Internet.

  • Anyone can put anything out on the Internet
  • There's no guarantee that information you found on a particular website is written or created by a qualified author
  • Many websites do not have an editing and review process
  • A number of websites present a skewed, biased point-of-view
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