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Applying for Jobs: Resume & Cover Letter Templates

Tips, strategies and pointers to help in your search for employment.

Sample Templates to Build Off

Standard Resume Basics for Building Your Own From Scratch


Basics Suggestions


Include your name, address, phone number, and email address at the top of the page.

Make sure your email address is business appropriate. Your name should always be at least 16 point font.


Begin with your most recent educational experience and go back in time to your first college. Include the name of the school, location (city and state), and the degree you received it.

Any academic honors may be listed under a separate heading or as a subsection under Education.


Give the company name, location (city & state), dates that you were employed (month and year), your title for each position, and duties performed. Start with your most recent and end with the least recent company up to 15 years.

Can include internships and volunteer work.

Any professional awards may be listed under a separate heading or as a subsection under Work Experience


Optional section that highlights skills not mentioned in other sections.

Examples: foreign languages, computer skills, and other relevant skills.

List level of fluency/proficiency


Certifications and licenses

Examples: EPA Universal Certification, First Aid, CPR, etc.


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