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Centerville: Multiple Intelligences

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Multiple Intelligences





Word Smart 

People who use language to express themselves and to understand others.  They are good at memorizing information, reading, and writing.


  1. Like to read and write
  2. Can verbally explain things clearly
  3. Strong debate and persuasion skills
  4. Remember written and spoken information well

Areas of Strength

  1. Speaking
  2. Writing


Number Smart 

People who are able to understand underlying principles and to manipulate numbers.  They are good at recognizing patterns, reasoning, and logical problem analysis.


  1. Like thinking about abstract ideas
  2. Can solve comples computations
  3. Have excellent problem solving skills
  4. Good at performing scientific experiments

Areas of Strength

  1. Analyzing problems
  2. Mathmatical operations


Picture Smart 

People who have the ability to see the spatial world in their minds.  They are good at visualizing things, giving directions, and reading maps and charts.


  1. Like to draw, paint and other visual arts
  2. Can interpret pictures, graphs and charts
  3. Strong ability to put puzzles together
  4. Easily recognizes patterns

Areas of Strength

  1. Visual judgment
  2. Spatial judgment


Body Smart 

People who have good hand-eye coordination and dexterity .  They are good at sports, preforming arts and creating things.


  1. Like to create things with their hands
  2. Have excellent physical coordintation
  3. Excel in sports, dance and other performing arts.
  4. Remeber things better by doing rather than seeing or hearing

Areas of Strength

  1. Motor Control
  2. Physical movement


Music Smart 

People who have the ability to hear, recognize and manipulate patterns.  They are good at thinking in music, patterns, rhythm and sound.


  1. Like to play instruments or sing
  2. Can easily remember songs and lyrics
  3. Ability to recognize tones and musical patterns
  4. Have an understanding of musical structure, rhythm and notes

Areas of Strength

  1. Rhythm
  2. Music


People Smart 

People who have the ability to understand other people.  They are good at assessing other people's emotions, desires, motivations, and intentions.


  1. Skilled in both verbal and nonverbal communication
  2. Can see a situation from the perspectives of others
  3. Good at conflict resolution
  4. Foster positive relationships

Areas of Strength

  1. Relating to other people
  2. Sympathy and Empathy


Self Smart 

People who are able to understand themselves, who they are, what they want to do, what they can do and how they will react to things.  They are good at analysis and self-reflection.


  1. Likes analyzing ideas and theories
  2. Can analyzing their own strengths and weaknesses
  3. High self-awareness
  4. Knowledgeable of the basis for their own feelings and motivations

Areas of Strength

  1. Self-Reflection
  2. Introspection


Nature Smart 

People who in tune with nature.  They are good at noticing even subtle changes to their environment.


  1. Like spending time outdoors and doing outdoor activities
  2. Can discriminate among living things
  3. Ability to catalog and categorize information easily
  4. Have a sensitivity to the natural world

Areas of Strength

  1. Ability to find patterns
  2. Relating to nature

Multiple Intelligence Assessments

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