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Columbia: Scholarship Information

Scholarship Information

Who offers scholarships?

  • Religious institutions
  • Employers
  • Community Organizations, i.e. Boys and Girls Club, Rotary, etc.
  • Local Area Businesses, i.e. McDonalds, Krogers, etc.
  • Federal Organizations, i.e. NAACP, NOW, etc.
  • Professional Organizations, i.e. ADAA, AMT, etc.


How do I get these scholarships?

Obtaining a scholarship is dependent upon the requirements of the granting institution. Some require you to be a member of their organization, some are industry specific. Some are open to all and others only to those that meet the select criteria specified by the granting organization. Most organizations only give scholarships at specific times during the year to one or a very few individuals. offers scholarship information specific to South Carolina residents: provides a scholarship search engine to assist in finding applicable scholarships:

Scholarships America manages thousands of scholarship programs: allows you to search over 3.7 million scholarships, but does require that you create an account with them before searching:

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