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Columbia: Citing Sources

Six Steps to a Proper Citation

Citing within a PowerPoint

APA does not offer specific advice on how to cite within a PowerPoint.  We suggest that you treat a PowerPoint like a paper and that all the rules that apply to a paper apply to the PowerPoint.

  • Create parenthetical citations whenever you quote, paraphrase, or summarize information from another source.
  • Parenthetical citations must be located at the end of the sentence (before the period), or as close as possible to the text which you quoted, paraphrased, or summarized.  
  • Create parenthetical citations for all graphics used.
  • The PowerPoint presentation's last slide must be the References page.
  • References on the slide must be formatted exactly as they would be formatted for the References page of a paper. 

Below is a Sample PowerPoint in which APA format is used.  Remember that the placement of the parenthetical citation on a slide is not absolute.  However, it should be apparent to the viewer where the information is coming from.

Adapted from Pima Community College

APA Formatting

For assistance with APA formatting, see the APA Guide found here:

APA Guide

You can, of course, always ask the LRC for help. 

Additional helpful APA Formatting sites:

Infographics, PowerPoints, and Artworks



Lo, I. (2016, May 3.). Asthma symptom recognition [Infographic].


In-text Citation (Paraphrase):

(Lo, 2016)



Thomas, M. (2011). Three graces: Les trois femmes noires [Painting]. North Carolina Museum of            


In-text Citation (Paraphrase):

(Thomas, 2011)

PowerPoint Slides


Shepard J. (2016, November 13). Caring for the child with an endocrinological or metabolic condition 

[Powerpoint slides]. Slideshare.


In-text Citation (Paraphrase):

(Shepard, 2016)

(modified from APA Citation Style, 7th Edition: Infographic, Powerpoint, or other visual works,, East Carolina University)

Consortium of Education Affiliates Libraries