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Resources for students: Espyr Connect

Vital Tools for Student Success

How Can We Help?

Education Affiliates, Inc. Student Assistance Program (SAP)

Espyr Connect delivers on-demand resources to help manage well-being with useful tips, relevant articles, assessments, and motivational exercises. Access your mental and behavioral health services including Tess and TalkNow via the app to get the personal attention and immediate care you need easier than ever. Espyr Connect is secure, confidential, and available 24/7. Education Affiliates, Inc has partnered with Espyr to provide students and eligible family members with a comprehensive SAP to help with a variety of personal matters. 

3 Easy Steps to Get Help

  1. Download Espyr Connect: Download the app from Apple or Google Play Store and use your organization ID (HealthyMindsLearn) to create an account. 
  2. Create Your Account: use your organization ID (HealthyMindsLearn), full name, and email to get registered
  3. Start Exploring: update your profile, browse the resources, get immediate help, and save your favorite articles.

How to Start Chatting with Tess

Tess is a supportive AI chatbot provided by Espyr that's available 24/7, for unlimited conversations to help you manage stress, increase self-awareness, build resilience, and discover helpful resources. Tess is secure and confidential, just like conversations with a healthcare professional -- no one but you will ever have access to your conversations.

  1. Say Hi: Start chatting with Tess by texting "hi" to 442-245-8065
  2. Tess askes: Like a coach, Tess works to understand your needs by asking, "How are you?"
  3. Tess helps: Tess delivers coping strategies and resources based on what you say. 



Organization ID: HealthyMindsLearn

  • Espyr Coach provides personalized assistance to help students achieve their potential and improve academic success. With six telephonic coaching sessions, students can address personal challenges such as time management, study skills, managing relationships, and creating a healthy lifestyle.
  • Counseling Support for stress, relationship and family problems, emotional issues, life transitions, and other concerns.
    • TalkNow provides immediate access to counselors for in-the-moment support and guidance.
    • Up to 5 SAP sessions for assessment, short-term counseling and referral.
    • Telephonic, video, and in-person options available.
  • Legal assistance for issues such as divorce, family law, wills, adoption, and more. Identity Theft Recovery and mediation services are also available. Get a free 30-minute consultation and 25% discount off the mediator or attorney fees for services rendered beyond the SAP.
  • Financial consultation regarding debt matters, investment options, money management, taxes, and retirement planning. Financial personnel services are discounted at 25% as are CPA tax preparation fees.
  • Work-Life specialists provide consultation, information, resources, and verified referrals for most all personal and family needs such as:
    • Childcare
    • Academic
    • Eldercare
    • Pet Care
    • Health and Wellness
    • Relocation
    • Adoption
    • Concierge
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