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As the Twig is bent, so grows the tree: Home

How to write a narrative essay for online Human Growth and Development class. The subject is the origin, history and meaning of the proverb. Use personal examples and research APA citations to support your points.

Thesis statement

Thesis statement should state clearly your main point and 3 supporting reasons for your point.

ie.- The quote says early influences affect the maturity of the tree in growth patterns, size, and devlopment.

My early interactions with men affect my present attitudes, trust, and vulnerability.

Etiology of the proverb

Google the proverb and choose a website which makes sense to you.

Several explain how their organization uses the proverb, but you want where it was first written or spoken and how it became popular.

Choose a website which relates to human growth and development.

Make sure you cite the website where you found the info.

Meaning of the proverb in human development

Keep reading websites until you have a good idea how the proverb relates to child development.

Create your thesis statement in your first paragraph.

The proverb means that early influences in child life affect the resulting adult in many ways.  Trauma, kindness and education affect the person's development by affecting their expectations, changing their attitudes and adjusting their reactions to present stimulae and relationships.

Find supporting evidence which proves your thesis.  

Your first paragraph starts with your thesis. Expand with your personal experience

Your second paragraph expands on your first supporting point (affecting their expectations). Find supporting information, put it in your own words and cite.  Add personal experience in this area.

Repeat process in the third paragraph for your second supporting point.

Repeat process in the fourth paragraph for your third supporting point.

Use your last paragraph to summarize and restate your thesis statement, incorporating personal experiences.

Add your full references for your in-text citations at the bottom of the page.


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