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American Psychological Association (APA) Templates, Tips, and Library Books

American Psychological Association (APA) In-Text Citation Format:

          Begin with a quote introductory statement or signal phrase followed by a comma , or colon : quote in quotation marks " and end the sentence with reference name, date, and

page number in parenthesis ( ). You can also paraphrase the information in your own words which only requires the citation in parenthesis ( ) at the end of the sentence.


  • When referring to the history of nursing, none is more important than Florence Nightingale whose nursing principles remain, "the foundation of nursing practice today. The environmental aspects of her theory (ventilation, warmth, quiet, diet, and cleanliness) remain integral components of nursing care. As nursing practice in the twenty-first century, these concepts continue to be relevant" (Pfettscher2010, p. 79). 
  • In today's dental field, advancements of technology are key to staying current, as is discussed by Chan (2023): "Future concepts of oral health education call for schools that

extend beyond their physical walls or geographic locations. With the latest advances in immersive virtual reality, the future is quickly becoming the present." 

American Psychological Association (APA) Reference Page Format:

          The reference page format begins with the use of Hanging Indent, which has a sentence start at the edge of the page instead of indented, and the following lines become

indented to show the connection of information. Each entry is entered by the author's last name or the title in alphabetical order.

Examples (related to the above): ​​​​​​

  • Chan, H. (2023). "Tech trends." Journal of the California Dental Association, 51(1).
  • Pfettscher, S. A. (2010). "Florence Nightingale." Nursing Theorists and Their Work (7th ed.), 71-90. 


NOTE: This section is formatted in the general format of an essay, and this would be the bare minimum look to meet essay requirements. Not including the color highlights, and it needs to be Times New Roman font size 12.

Trusted Websites for APA Citations

Anything not covered in this page, or specific examples for different types of citation, can be found in the APA Pocket Manual located in the library. If you have time, feel free to visit the LRC for questions and help.

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