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Cuyahoga Falls: LRC Policies

Fortis College Cuyahoga Falls Learning Resource Center Main Webpage

Cuyahoga Falls Learnig Resource Center Policies

  1. Cell phones should be set to silent. Phones calls, if necessary, must be taken outside the Learning Resource Center.
  2. All patrons are expected to conduct themselves professionally, respecting others that are researching or studying, by maintaining a quiet atmosphere within the Learning Resource Center.
  3. Inappropriate language is a violation of school policy and may result in a disciplinary action from the school.
  4. Only resources that have been properly checked out may leave the Learning Resource Center.
    • Students are allowed to check out 5 books at a time for 14 days.
    • Items checked out may be renewed up to 3 times.
    • Damaged or lost items must be reported immediately, and may result in a replacement fee.
    • Unpaid fees or items not returned may result in freezing the ability to register for upcoming term courses.
  5. Fortis College - Cuyahoga Falls Learning Resource Center follows all Federal Copyright laws. The copier may not be used to copy any materials that are protected by Federal Copyright laws. Please see the librarian or LRC staff prior to copying anything that may have copyright protections in place.
  6. No one may destroy, dismantle, alter, distort, or disfigure Learning Resource Center property, including installation of software and changing or bypassing settings on computers and technology.
  7. Copying and Printing are free, but must be course and school related. Copiers and printers are not for personal use.

Cuyahoga Falls LRC Computer/Internet Policies

  1. Users are prohibited from downloading or installing software onto Learning Resource Center computers. 
  2. Learning Resource Center computers are cleaned daily of downloads and user created files.
  3. Modifying or changing settings on Learning Resource Center computers and technology is strictly prohibited.
  4. Headphones must be used when watching videos, or viewing websites that play music.  Videos must be school related.  
  5. Offensive or illegal content may not be viewed on Learning Resource Center computers. Violation will result in disciplinary and/or legal or criminal charges.
  6. Offensive or illegal content viewed on personal technology within the Learning Resource Center is strictly prohibited. Violation will result in disciplinary and/or legal or criminal charges.
  7. At Fortis College - Cuyahoga Falls, use of the wireless network is a privilege, not a right, and may be denied to patrons/students that are found to be conducting illegal activity, viewing offensive or illegal content, or otherwise abusing the access.
  8. This privilege may be taken away if the user violates any above policies.
  9. School related work takes priority over casual non-school related use of computers. Students may be asked to free up a computer they are using for personal or non-school related work to allow another student to use it for school related work.               
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