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About the LRCs: Participation in Consortium of EA Libraries

Welcome to the Consortium of Education Affiliates Libraries. Here you'll find helpful information on navigating the site, and quick links to resources.

Consortium of Education Affiliates Libraries (CEAL)

All LRC Managers will participate in the activities of the Consortium of Education Affiliates Libraries (CEAL). Such participation will enable the LRCs and LRC Managers to:

  • share staff expertise
  • share LRC resources in print and electronic formats, including books, databases, and the LRC website
  • pursue joint purchasing agreements for electronic information services
  • encourage cooperative development and deployment of information resources and technologies
  • develop best practices for LRC operations and Information Literacy instruction and activities
  • maximize the effectiveness of LRC expenditures by reducing duplication of original effort (e.g. cataloging, collection development, website construction and maintenance)

LRC Managers will be expected to participate in CEAL activities to ensure even distribution of tasks and maximize efficiency.  Such activities may include:

  • Collection development projects
  • Cooperative service assessment activities
  • Development of best practices for LRC activities such as circulation of materials, collection maintenance, staffing, assessment, service review, inter-library loan, faculty and student outreach, cataloging, weeding, database instruction, information literacy workshops, and other activities related to the mission of the LRC.
  • Database review
  • LRC software review
  • Development of standardized brochures, pamphlets and educational materials
  • Development of subject guides and subject path-finders for the LRC Website
  • Training of new LRC Managers
  • Mentoring of new LRC Managers
  • Other tasks that support the mission of the Learning Resource Center
  • Attend annual LRC Manager meeting
  • Participate in conference calls and other professional development activities hosted by CEAL
  • Cooperatively staff the instant message based reference service
  • Maintain LibChat/LibAnswers staffing calendar on CEAL SharePoint site
  • Contribute to discussions and other activities through the CEAL SharePoint site


All LRC Managers will report to the National Learning Resource Center Director on a dotted line basis



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