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Student Fortis Gmail Accounts

 Student Fortis Gmail Accounts

After a student has created a FORTIS student PORTAL account, typically with the system generated username (firstnamelastname) & a user chosen password, the student portal sends a confirmation email to their private email.  Click on the link or reply = confirmation of working private email account connection. 

A second separate email account is generated for them within 24 hours, hosted by Google.

When logging into this new FORTIS COLLEGE email account, the user must enter their Student PORTAL USERNAME with the rest of the school DOMAIN name "" (

The default password for new school email accounts is DIFFERENT from their PORTAL account. School email default passwords are the user's first initial capitalized followed by the user's last name capitalized, then the last 4 digits of their social security number.  (ASMITH1234)

Campus Portal

The portal will allow you access to your online classes, check financial aid statements, print schedules, unofficial transcripts and more.

Your student portal login is generally your firstnamelastname, no caps, no spaces no punctuation.  Your password is whatever you chose when you signed up.  Click "forgot password", answer your security question, and the system will send a reset link to your personal email of record.  

If you have trouble signing up, have your librarian check your official record at Fortis college for accuracy. Typo's happen.  We are trying to make three computer systems talk to each other-  your personal email, Fortis Cincinnati and Fortis main.  It is a process. Thank you for your patience and determination.

Evolve Website

Student Link:

Evolve allows access to case studies, HESI remediation, textbook supplements and more.

Faculty Link:

Evolve allows instructors to access PowerPoints and other teaching materials for class preparation.

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