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Cincinnati: Welding

How-to videos

Trade Magazines for Welding Technology


  • Carmen Electrode Blog
    "Welding and metal fabrication stories for today's Rosie."
  • JoeWelder
    News, reviews of innovative companies and products, and profiles of those who are making an impact in the metal fabrication industry.

Organizations and Associations

  • American Welding Society
    Contains industry news, job information, and industry links.  AWS develops codes; offers technical training, certification programs, conferences and an annual exposition; and makes available books, charts, videos and software to its members.
  • Machines and Metal: Become a Welder
    Links on welding techniques, safety, and history.
  • National Ornamental Metal Museum
    This museum is "dedicated exclusively to the exhibition and preservation of fine metalwork". Great pictures of artistic metalwork.
  • Edison Welding Institute  
    Click on "Video Gallery" for free demonstrations.
  • Welding Research Council
    Not-for-profit scientific research corporation dedicated to the solution of problems in welding and pressure vessel technology. The Council organizes and manages cooperative programs to advance codes and standards. WRC committees identify areas in which joining and pressure vessel technology must be advanced and provide a forum for the exchange, evaluation and dissemination of the pertinent technical information. The group's publications are applications-oriented and provide specific recommendations based on validated technology.
  • Welding Information Center
    Sponsored by current and former manufacturers and distributors of welding rods to educate the public about the importance of welding to our society

American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
ANSI, a private nonprofit membership organization supported by a diverse constituency of private and public sector organizations, is the administrator and coordinator of the U.S. private sector voluntary standardization system.

Fabricators & Manufacturers Association International (FMA)
FMA provides technical information and educational opportunities for metal fabricators through conferences, magazines and research services.

Industrial Fasteners Institute (IFI)
IFI is an association of manufacturers of bolts, nuts, screws, rivets and all types of special formed parts that works to advance technology and application engineering of fasteners and formed parts through planned research and educational programs. The institute and its members also work with national and international technical organizations to develop standards and other technical practices.

Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)
Through publications, expositions, professional development resources and member programs, SME supports a network of hundreds of chapters for manufacturing executives managers and engineers. The organization helps members solve technology-specific problems and stay current on applications, processes, technology developments, methods and regulatory issues. SME includes a number of associations: The Computer & Automated Systems Association, Association for Electronics Manufacturing, Association for Finishing Processes, Machine Vision Association, Machining Technology Association, North American Manufacturing Research Association, Association for Forming & Fabricating, Technologies Robotics International and Rapid Prototyping Association.

The Welding Institute (TWI)
TWI is the largest organisation concerned with R&D in joining technologies in the western world. Confidential contract R&D, consultancy services and training are provided covering welding, cutting, surfacing and bonding of all engineering materials including metals, polymers and ceramics. Almost all industry sectors are serviced; heavy steel users like shipbuilding and earth moving equipment; micro technology such as medical or electronic devices; those with specialized material needs like aeronautics and nuclear power. TWI helps at any stage - from initial design, materials selection, production and quality assurance, through to service performance and repair.

Welding Technology Institute of Australia
The Welding Technology Institute of Australia (WTIA) was formed in 1989 by the amalgamation of the Australian Welding Institute and the Australian Welding Research Association.

Commercial Sites

These websites are primarily commercial marketing sites for products and services.  They are included here because they also offer some free resources.

Calculators and Demonstration Video sites

  • Go Welding
    Site created by European welding engineer, John Dyson.
  • Instructables
    Users create and share videos, pictures and slideshows of their own creations.
  • Mat Web
    MatWeb's searchable database of material properties includes data sheets of thermoplastic and thermoset polymers ; metals; ceramics; plus semiconductors, fibers, and other engineering materials.
  • Processes of Joining Materials
    Text by Thomas W. Eagar (MIT)
  • Welding 101 - Hobart
    Glossary of terms and printable how-to guides in PDF format
  • Welding Classroom
  • Welding Design and Fabrication
    Helpful articles on processes, consumables, equipment & automation, safety & regulatory issues, operations & welding gases. Site is supported by advertisments & an exchange market for used equipment, etc. Also hosts a WeldingWeb Forum.
  • Welding Dictionary - Everlast Generators
  • Welding Dictionary - Welding.Com
  • Welding.Com
    Includes a history of welding, symbols and terminology, & equipment information. Intended to help small to medium sized companies become more efficient, discover new opportunities and reduce the cost of doing business.
  • History of Welding
    Source for video and still images, self-quizzes and games, dictionary terms and more.
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