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Cincinnati: Book Resources

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Browse the LRC Shelves

Fortis College offers - ASN and LPN programs, designed to provide quality academic and clinical instruction. 

If you'd like to browse the shelves, look for materials beginning with the following classification letters/numbers, located on the spine of each book:

R   General Medicine     through      

RT    Nursing


W   General Medicine     through      

WY    Nursing


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E Book Resources


Books24x7®, Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL), and R2 Digital Library offer instant access to the complete text of thousands of online books, book summaries, audiobooks, research reports and best practices.  Access Books24x7 and GVRL through LIRN using the Fortis College access code. (Contact the LRC staff if you need the access code.)

Some Featured Titles:

Contemporary Issues in Healthcare Law and Ethics, 3rd Ed by D. Harris (Books24x7)

Emotions, Stress, and Health by A. Zautra  (Books24x7)

Healthcare Informatics: Improving Efficency and Productivity edited by S. Kudyba (Books24x7)

Mental Illness by M. Thompson (Books24x7)

Perspectives of Diseases and Disorders, series (GVRL)

The Gale Encyclopedia of Nursing & Allied Health, 3rd Ed (GVRL)

Consortium of Education Affiliates Libraries