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Cincinnati: Borrowing LRC Materials

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Borrowing of Library Materials (Circulation Policies)

Patrons are responsible for all materials borrowed on their IDs. 

Patrons must return items on or by the specified due date. Items not returned on or by the due date will be considered lost. Patrons with a lost book on their record will be unable to borrow library materials until the book is returned or the lost book fee is paid (See Fines for more information). Patrons with delinquent materials or fines may have their borrowing privileges suspended.

Loan Periods
  • Books (General Collection)

Students may borrow 2 books at a time for a period of 14 days. Books may be renewed at the discretion of the Library Manager.

Employees may borrow 2 books at a time for a period of 21 days. Books may be renewed at the discretion of the Library Manager. The 2 book limit does not include borrowing of audiovisual materials.

  • Reference Books

Students may not borrow reference books. Reference items can be used within the LRC but must not leave the LRC. Reference materials are clearly marked.

Employees may borrow reference materials for a period of 2 hours with the permission of the Library Manager. Failure to return a reference book in a timely manner may result in suspension of library privileges.

  • Audiovisual (DVD, VHS, CD-ROM)

Students may not take audiovisual materials outside of the Library & Resource Center.

Employees may borrow audiovisual materials for a period of 24 hours. Failure to return audiovisual materials will result in a request for replacement. Employees will be expected to replace lost audiovisual materials with the same title, or a comparable title of similar value, pending approval of the LRC manager. Repeat delinquency will be brought to the attention of the appropriate department head.

  • Serials

Students may not borrow print serials. However, they may make one personal copy of an article from a print serial if needed. Students are encouraged to make use of the extensive selection of online books, journals, magazines, and newspapers in our database resources.

Employees of the institution may borrow print serials for a period of 24 hours.

Fines and Lost Books

Materials not returned on or by the specified due date will be considered lost and will be subject to a replacement book fee and/or an overdue fee. The overdue fee is a flat rate of $5.00, with no grace period. The lost book fee is $100.00 per lost item (books only), or the replacement cost of the item, whichever is greater. The fee for lost audiovisual material will be equal to the replacement cost of the given item, which varies by title. If the original item is returned to the LRC in good condition, the lost book fee may be waved, but the $5.00 overdue fee will still be charged to the patron.

In lieu of lost book charges, the Library and Resource Center provides the option to accept purchase of a replacement book. The patron may purchase the lost title for replacement, or a newer edition of that title. At the Library Manager’s discretion a similar title of comparable value may be purchased in lieu of the lost book fee.

Failure to return the book, or pay the lost book fee, will result in suspension of ability to obtain diploma and transcripts.

Employees are subject to additional fines guidelines as listed in the Loan Periods section.

Payment in person can be made at the Business Office or to the person in charge of campus accounts (depending on location).

Overdue Notices & Lost and Billed Notification

Patrons are expected to keep track of the due date of borrowed materials. Two weeks before the end of each semester the LRC staff will attempt to notify patrons regarding overdue library materials. Patrons are expected to return items promptly upon notification. Any items not returned promptly may be subject to lost item fees.

Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

All patrons are subject to suspension of library borrowing privileges. Borrowing Privileges may be suspended for non-payment of lost book fees or willful destruction of library materials. Faculty borrowing of books may be suspended, but suspension of privileges will not apply to audiovisual materials.

Faculty who feel the suspension of a given student’s borrowing privileges negatively impacts a course assignment will have the option of borrowing a book on behalf of the student. The faculty member will be solely responsible for the return of the item, as well as any fines accrued.

By borrowing a book from the library the borrower agrees to abide by the circulation policies outlined above.

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