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Cincinnati: Find Web Resources

How-to videos

Evaluating Websites

Remember that not all websites are created equal and that high quality information will be academically and professionally beneficial.

As you search the web keep in mind the currancy, relevancy, authority, accuracy and purpose of the information that you find.

Nursing Web Resources

Anatomy / Physiology / Pathology

Mayo Clinic Symptom Checker-Foot pain? Headache? Sore throat? Skin rash? Use this guide to find out what's causing your symptom.

Healthline-Human Body Maps- an interactive visual search tool that allows users to explore the human body in 3-D. Users can search multiple layers of the human anatomy, view systems and organs down to their smallest parts, and understand in detail how the human body works.

MEDtropolis: Home of the Virtual Body- An interactive guide to the body systems in English or Spanish. Find disease, condition, and injury fact sheets for more than 6500 conditions in the library. Watch video animations on medical procedures and wellness.

The Merck Manual for Health Care Professionals: Symptoms-

The Merck Manual Home Health Handbook: Symptoms-

Drugs / Dosages / Math / Calculators

A Practical Guide to Clinical Medicine - sites and resources compiled by the University of California.

Lab Tests Online- designed to help patients or caregivers to better understand the many clinical lab tests that are part of routine care as well as diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of conditions and diseases. A peer-reviewed site produced by the American Association for Clinical Chemistry.

MDcalc- for medical professionals to help do calculations and process algorithms and scores.

The Merck Manual for Health Care Professionals: Clinical Calculator- calculators, conversion tables, drug tables, abbreviations and useful sites.


Fundamentals / Theory / Terminology

Nursing Theory-a list of major nursing theorists who have contributed to the development of professional nursing practice.

CoxHealth: Nursing Theory & Theorists-information about books, journals, and websites that provide in-depth reviews of nursing theories.

The Merck Manual Home Health Handbook: Pronunciation-

Who Named It- a biographical dictionary of medical eponyms (word related to medicine, whose name is derived from a person).

Medical Mnemonics- A free, non-profit, online searchable database of medical mnemonics to help remember the important details.

Consortium of Education Affiliates Libraries