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Pronunciation Help

Get tongue tied pronouncing drug and disease names?  Here are some guides to help them glide off your tongue.  They do not include definitions.

Audio guides:

Drugs and diseases - Merck Manual                 
   MedlinePlus Medical Dictionary -  Search the medical dictionary and then click on the red speaker icon to hear the pronunciation.
                              How to Pronounce Top 250 Drugs - generic and brand names

Phonetic spelling and pronunciation guides:
list 1
list 2




Office for Civil Rights enforces Health Information Privacy

HIPAA for Professionals - HHS

HIPAA Basics for Providers: Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules - DHHS - CMMS (2016)

HIPAA Compliance Guide - HIPAA Journal (2015)

Ultimate HIPAA Guide - overview without legal language

What is Hipaa?

HIPAA and other Privacy Training - University of Florida

AHCA Hipaa Compliance Office

Consortium of Education Affiliates Libraries