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Centerville: General Library & Resource Center Rules

Website for Fortis College, Centerville Library & Resource Center


Library & Resource Center Policies


1. LRC resources are available only to students, faculty, and staff of Fortis College, Centerville.


2. Students are expected to sign-in with the reasons for use each time they enter the LRC.


3. All users are expected to respect the privacy of other users.


4. Productive talking is allowed, such as group work or assisting other students, but loud noise that will disrupt the other LRC users is not permitted. This would include phone calls, which are to be taken outside of the LRC


5. Electronic devices are required to be silent while in the LRC, and headphones are required for listening to audio (feel free to ask for a pair if needed).


6. Food and drinks are prohibited while using LRC-owned resources. Drinks must be sealed.



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