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Centerville: Handouts & Medical Websites

Website for Fortis College, Centerville Library & Resource Center

Various Medical Guides & Websites

Helpful Websites for Anatomy, Physiology, & Microbiology

Look Inside of a Cell from Genetic Science Learning Center

DNA Structure and Replication from Hank and John Green's CrashCourse

Look at Virtual Cell Animations from Molecular and Cellular Biology Learning Center

What Do Cells Do? from Science Education for Public Understanding Program

Check out Interactive Science: Human Anatomy for 3D interactive models by going to LIRN, logging in, clicking the subject titled 'Health & Medical,' and clicking 'Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy.

Printable PDF Handouts (Word Documents Available)

Quality Medical Resources

A word of caution! Some information on drugs and pharmaceuticals is produced by drugs companies. This information may be biased. The resources listed here are credible and objective.

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