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McGraw-Hill Connect Frequently Asked Questions

What is McGraw-Hill Connect?

McGraw-Hill Connect is a Learning Management System (LMS), similar to Blackboard Online Learning. This is a website powered by McGraw-Hill for classes at Fortis that use McGraw-Hill textbooks. Connect allows you to complete your homework assignments and submit them electronically. Your submissions will be automatically sent to your instructor and your grades will be posted (privately) on Connect.

Which courses here use McGraw-Hill Connect?

The Medical Assisting program uses McGraw-Hill Connect for the following courses:

  • AHP 105 (Medical Terminology)
  • AHP 106 (Anatomy & Physiology)
  • MOA 120 (Electronic Health Records)

The Nursing programs use McGraw-Hill Connect for the following courses

  • AHP 216 (Anatomy & Physiology I)
  • AHP 217 (Anatomy & Physiology II)
  • BIO 101 (General Biology)
  • BIO 205 (Microbiology)

How do I make a Connect account?

Your instructor will send you an e-mail containing the course's Connect web address. Your Connect web address may either be sent to your personal e-mail or your Fortis e-mail  so make sure to check both. If you do not remember your Fortis e-mail information, please see the the Hybrid Coordinator.

Once you click on your course's web address, you will be asked to register for an account. Double check and make sure your course section, instructor, and textbook are all correct. If they are not, your instructor will need to send you the correct web address. 

Click on 'Register Now' once you have confirmed your information. 

Type in your e-mail address, preferably your Fortis e-mail address, and press 'Submit.'

You will be asked to type in the registration code, which should have been provided by your instructor. If you never received a registration code, talk to your instructor.

Once you type in your registration code, you will have access to McGraw-Hill Connect. All of your assignments and readings for all weeks in the term should be listed on your main page.

It says I already have a McGraw-Hill Connect account.

You may have already used Connect in the past. Click on 'Forgot My Password' and you will be asked to type in your email address. A link will be sent to your e-mail that will allow you to reset your Connect password.

I can't see any of my assignments on Connect.

Talk to your instructor. Your assignment may not be open/viewable yet on McGraw-Hill Connect. All assignments are set to open on a specific date at a specific time, as inputted by your instructor.

I tried to take a quiz but when I went to go back to take it, I can no longer access it.

Talk to your instructor. Quizzes are set to one attempt, unless your instructor has changed the settings. When you take a quiz, you must complete it in one sitting, without logging off. Your instructor will be able to add on another attempt.

I need more time on an assignment.

Depending on your reason for extension, your instructor will grant this permission for you and extend your time on Connect. If you have a disability under the American Disability Act and need extra time on all of your assignments, let your instructor know, and extra time can be automatically added for all of your assignments.

McGraw-Hill Connect isn't working.

If you have an assignment that won't open up, first ask your instructor to see if it's an issue on their end. 

If your instructor cannot fix the issue, check to make sure that it's not an issue with your Internet browser. You can access McGraw-Hill's troubleshooting page here. There could be a problem with Adobe Flash Player not running or the pop-up blocker is enabled. Adobe Flash Player needs to be able to run and the pop-up blocker needs to be disabled.

For more information about pop-up blockers, visit this website.

If you can't get either of these to work, try switching to a different Internet browser, such as Internet Explorer.

If this does not work, you will need to contact customer support by sending an e-mail. Use your Fortis e-mail when filling out this form. There are also multiple Fortis College campuses, so under 'School Name,' write 'Fortis College-Centerville.'

In the unlikely circumstance that McGraw-Hill Connect does not respond to your ticket/inquiry in 7 days, contact your instructor who will reach out to our McGraw-Hill representative. 

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