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Centerville: Medical Assisting Student Success Center

Website for Fortis College, Centerville Library & Resource Center

Your Place for Tutoring


Tutoring Schedule

Tuesday 1:30-2:30 p.m.

Tutoring done for all Medical Assisting classes. Instruction is provided by Medical Assisting instructors Tiffany Block and Stephanie Rowsey. Contact Melanie Estes, Medical Assisting Program Director at 937-433-3410 ext. 5821 for more information about which instructor is tutoring during a specific session.


Learning Resource Center

Visit the Learning Resource Center for additional help with:

1. Research Assistance

2. Accessing Fortis' Databases

3. Printing

4. Checking out supplemental books for courses

5. Writing/APA help

Visit LIRN for database access.

Visit this website to discover your learning style.

What Can You Do in the Success Center?

In the Medical Assisting Student Success Center, students can:

1.  Group study. Dry Erase Board available for student use.

2. Participate in quiet, independent study.

3. Use computers for research and homework.

4. Receive one-on-one tutoring from Medical Assisting instructors during tutoring hours.

5. Receive Medical Assisting supplemental material to aid in classes.

6. Print directly to the Learning Resource Center.


The Medical Assisting Student Success Center is available all day for student use.

Crash Course

Click on the image to view Crash Course videos for anatomy and physiology if you are having trouble!


Extra Resources

To access a list of the top 200 drugs of 2019, visit this website.

To access practice Medical Terminology CMA questions, visit this website.

To access practice Anatomy & Physiology CMA questions, visit this website.


The American Association for Medical Assistants provides many general answers to questions that medical assisting students may have.



McGraw-Hill Connect

To visit McGraw-Hill Connect for homework, visit this link.

Medical Assisting Quick Guides

Below are some useful guides that you can download in the Medical Assisting Student Success Center, in the Learning Resource Center, or at home!



Consortium of Education Affiliates Libraries