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Queens: Evaluating Sources

The Learning Resource Center is located on the 2nd floor of St. Paul's School of Nursing

C.R.A.A.P. Evaluation

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Information Literacy

Medical professionals carry with them the responsibility to be well informed about their profession.  In order to remain well informed it is important to understand what a reliable source of information is.  This is what the American Library Association calls “Information Literacy”. 

When someone is Information Literate they are not expected to know everything.  Instead, it means you have the tools necessary to learn what you need to.  When you know how to find the information you need in an efficient, accurate, and responsible manner you will be able to call yourself "information literate".  This page will help you to become information literate so you can better serve yourself and your patients! 

Peer Review in 3 minutes

Fake News

Trust or Trash

Evaluating Sources

Health literacy involves the information that people need to be able to make good decisions about health. There are two parts:

Personal health literacy is about how well a person can find and understand the health information and services that they need. It is also about using the information and services to make good health decisions.

Organizational health literacy is about to how well organizations help people find the health information and services that they need. It also includes helping them use that information to make good health decisions.

Information Literacy Framework

Consortium of Education Affiliates Libraries