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Pensacola: HVAC

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HVACR - General

Guides by Course

HVR 105: Thermodynamics
HVR 110: Practical Applications of Electricity
HVR 115: HVACR Controls
HVR 120: Controls, Motors and Motor Controls
HVR 125: Refrigerants
HVR 130: Residential Air Conditioning
HVR 135: Commercial Air Conditioning
HVR 140: Commercial Refrigeration Concepts
HVR 141: Industrial Refrigeration
HVR 150: Electric Heat and Heat Pumps
HVR 155: Gas Heating Systems
HVR 161: Regional Systems
HVR 165: HVAC System Performance
HVR 170: Water-Based Heating Systems
HVR 175: HVAC Troubleshooting and Service Calls
HVR 180 - EPA Certification Preparation
SKW 101 - Introduction to the Skilled Professions
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